Rust stain in wood?


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Unhappy Rust stain in wood?

I have an old wood Miller beer barrel, the staves are rust stained from the hoops, and otherwise it is only weathered gray from being outside.

Not using it as an antique, but wishing to “restore” it some, and then protect it to a degree outside.

Might someone know how might I best remove the rust from the wood without too much negative effect?

After removing the rusted hoops, I intend to prime them with a rust converter and primmer. ½ the hoops are still mostly galvanized. Then I intend to coat the wood a few times with a raw linseed oil and turpentine mix. Any other suggestions better methods would be appreciated.

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Oxalic acid (wood bleach) can be used to remove rust on many surfaces. Rust that has penetrated deep into wood is likely not able to be removed. Too, using wood bleach will remove the aged patina you have acquired from outdoor exposure of the barrel.

Navel jelly will remove rust from metal. A couple coats of rust resistant primer should be used. Brushing on primer will assure that primer gets into pits and pores. Then, a couple coats of rust inhibiting paint can be used.

After all this work, you will have rust resistant but not rust proof metal hoops on the barrels. You will have disturbed the patina of your old barrel with wood bleach that offers no guarantees of complete removal of rust. A walk through some historic villages where old barrels, buckets, and other items display their rust with pride at store fronts and on front porches adds to their historic charm.
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Not failure, but not success

Thank you twelvepole. I now know why people “display their rust with pride” and why it “adds to - historic charm”.

I also now have a boxful-collection - $$$$, of various rust removers, wood bleaches, stain removers etc. Most all of them, at best, do a good job of bleaching wood, that is taking the gray or patina out quite well. They handle rust in varying degrees of red to orange, some staining areas orange that were not before. A few actually left the rusted wood looking quite nice, but also did the best job of removing the patina from the non-rusted areas. So now, although carefully applied, my x-stain has a white ring around it. Luckily, my test spots are on the bottom of the barrel where all the rust stains were, and the “Miller” embossing was not harmed. The best results may have come from just scraping the rust chunks off the wet wood, and leaving the stain dark.

On then, to the steal hoops and wood preservation.

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