Hot Beauty Wax spilled on Carpet

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Unhappy Hot Beauty Wax spilled on Carpet

This is much different from candle wax. Please help. Hot wax hardened on the carpet and I don't have a clue how to clean it up. I appreciate all suggestions!
Thank you!
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With a dull knife or plastic knife scrape off as much as you can. A dry cleaning solvent applied to the area will sometimes help break the fiber bond of the wax to the carpet. If there is still some remaining you may try a heat transfer method. Be warned that the CRI (carpet and rug institute) does not reccomend this. But it can be used with caution and care. Wet the are with a spray bottle, with a soaked rag that you ring out mildly fold the rag and place over the wax. Taking a steam iron with the iron set on the lowest steam setting place over the rag and set down. Only leave it on there for 10-15 seconds at a time. Removing the rag each time to check. Some also say you can use newspaper or a paper bag with the heat transfer method. But i have not tried it. After awhile you can again use a dry cleaning solvent to remove remaining residue. I would suggest against using the solvent first then applying the iron without removing all residue from the carpet. All chemicals react differently when heat is applied.
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Remove excess wax by scraping with dull knife or spoon. Vacuum to remove loose wax particles. Blot affected area with solvent cleaner (rubbing alcohol, denatured alcohol, or dry cleaning fluid) and white rag. Take care to blot from outside stain toward middle to prevent spreading.

The warm iron method of wax removal, although frequently recommended, can drive wax deeper into carpet. A too hot iron can also melt carpet fibers.

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