Red Hair dye on cream Carpet HELP!!!


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Red Hair dye on cream Carpet HELP!!!

I am praying and even crossing my fingers someone here can help me. My teenager just dyed her hair red and managed to drip some on my cream/beige carpet. I have tried household amonia and also club soda along with a stain removal as well and now the spot is a bit larger and more pink in color. I am hoping someone out there can help me and allow my daughter's life to be saved from her Dad, Kidding. But boy oh Boy I do need help. The dye is pernament of course as my daughter puts it It lasts longer! Any suggestions would be a life saver undefined
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I hope this doesn't get removed...but, my dog had an accident that wouldn't come out of my light tan carpet, my husband brought home resolve carpert cleaner. It is the one with the two sides that activate when the two cleaners come into contact. Of course I can;t remember the exact name of it. But it was amazing, and it took urine stains out of a matress (potty training gone crazy!)

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A lot of cleaners out there are going to a catalyst form such as the product you speak of. Neither one without the other will do anything. Once combined that is when they activate one another to do the job. I have seen some reviews on the product but have not tried it. The only thing i would be concerned with would be the residue left in the carpet. Making sure you rinse rinse rinse is the best thing. For organic spots such as dog mess and etc...a protein or enzyme cleaner would work better. There is a heat transfer method of removing synthetic dyes. But i would rather you try a spray on and blot away method first. Believe it or not but most dyes can be removed with the right steps and practice.
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Hair dye in carpet tends to be permanent. Sometimes an occasional splatter can be successfuly removed by blotting with rubbing alcohol while still fresh. A carpet patch from an inconspicuous area like a closet, if you have no left over carpet, can be done by a carpet professional. Many carpets have unstable dyes that can be affected by some carpet cleaning products because the dye was not added to the fiber when it was in its molten state. Thus, DIY cleaning methods should be tested first in inconspicuous area for ill effects on carpet.

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