Help! Pet stains everywhere!


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Unhappy Help! Pet stains everywhere!

I moved into a house where there were about 6 cats (and several dogs) previously. I have not been able to get the urine smell out of the carpet and finally found a black light to see where the stains were so I could try to tackle the spots and found out the previous tenant let their cats urinate everywhere on the carpet! And I do mean everywhere! I have a bissel rug cleaner, can I use the peroxide formula in this machine to clean the whole carpet? Or would the peroxide hurt my machine? If I can't use it in my bissel, what do I use or do to get the cat urine out of the whole carpet. I think they also used lots of different kinds of spray carpet cleaner on the floor too and will need to get that out also. If I don't do something soon I am so afraid my cats will start using the carpet as a large kitty box also!
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We deal with this all the time at work. Here's what we do:

Peel back the carpet so you can inspect the pad. If the pad is stained, you will probably have to replace it, pad can rarely be cleaned.

If the pad was involved, inspect the floor beneath the pad. If the stain has soaked into the floor, seal the floor with Kilz.

Clean both sides of the carpet, let it dry & tack it back down.

I would recommend having the carpet cleaned professionally. DIY carpet cleaning machines lack the power to fully extract all the liquid and soap from the carpet, leading to possible dirty or moldy carpets down the road.
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Unhappy Help! Pet stains everywhere!

Originally Posted by J.M.C.
Peel back the carpet so you can inspect the pad.
I can't do that... there is no pad under the carpet and the carpet is glued to the wood floor.

I am a recent youngish widow and caregiver to my parents in their 80s (mom is bedridden). I don't have any income to replace the carpet or pay to have it cleaned... again (currently living off limited savings). I did have it cleaned before I moved in awhile back... didn't work but didn't know it was so yucked up. Now I have to do most everything myself. This is also my folks guest cabin and they can't afford to replace the carpet or have it cleaned either... they have enough financial worries of their own anyway.

I had planned on carefully cleaning one small section at a time with my carpet cleaner... figured that would be easier than on my hands and knees cleaning it. I had heard the peroxide formula worked really great on urine but didn't want to take the chance of ruining the machinism with the peroxide until I found out it was OK to use.

As you can see, I have more time than money. Do you, or anyone else, have any other suggestions? Is there something I can do or use in my Bissell that should work? Or...???
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Enzyme digester cleaners are recommended for pet urine stains. Urine settles downward and outward 3-5 times the size of the affected surface area and settles into subfloor. The odor tends to be more noticeable on warm, humid days.

The trick to using enzyme digester cleaners is to give them time to work to digest odors. You may have some success on cleaning carpet, but if odor is severe it may not be possible. For urine-soaked carpet cushion, it will have to be replaced and subfloor sealed with a couple coats of primer/sealer. Along bottom of walls and baseboards where pets tend to spray may require cleaning with enzyme cleaner and sealing with primer/sealer before painting or refinishing.

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