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ajax on caret

does any body know the best way to remove ajax from carpets?
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I assume your talking about their detergent right? If so, and its a large amount of it. Your most likely going to have to rent a do it yourself machine. Even thou, i have my doubts about their performance. You will need a acidic rinse to remove the residue from the carpet. Basicly the trick is to rinse the area until you no longer get any more "soap". Then make plenty of dry passes with the machine.

After thats done toss a few rags double folded double and then place something heavy on there that would not be hurt if it got wet.

Replace the towel every few hours until dry. If all the residue doesnt come out it will resoil pretty quick,

Now depending on what kind of optical brigtheners that are in the detergent you may have a problem their. It also depends on your carpet fibers. Olefin, polyester carpets..are chemical resistant and it should not of hurt the carpet dye. Nylon carpets do not like high pH chemicals with optical brigtheners. So, their may be dye damage.

Natural carpet fibers such as wool and silk can also be damaged by high pH agents.

Post again if you need further help.

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Ajax powder should be vacuumed until all has been removed. Avoid wetting the powder. As indicated, liquid Ajax is a greater challenge to remove from carpet. You can remove the detergent with patience, a DIY carpet cleaning machine, water, and defoamer. Liquid detergent that has soaked into carpet cushion, however, will continue to work it's way up through carpet, attract soil, and possibly cause staining of carpet. If it was a large spill, it may be necessary to replace the affected area of carpet cushion. This will require a carpet professional to make the repair and restretch the carpet. If in doubt, call a carpet cleaning professional.

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