Tea stain and bleached carpet-Please HELP

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Unhappy Tea stain and bleached carpet-Please HELP

I spilled tea on a light grey wall-to-wall carpet yesterday. Not thinking clearly, I used detergent and then direct bleach on the carpet. I now have a mess as it's a partial bleached (peached colored) and partial tea stained spot in the middle of a living room.

Before I create any more damage can someone save me from myself?
1. How to remove remaining tea stain? Do I use a vinegar solution?
2. Can the carpet be dyed back to grey, and if so, do I get a grey color, or some other color to dye the peach spot to grey?

I thought losing our house in Hurricane Katrina was bad, but this is just ridiculous! Once you've stopped laughing, can anybody out there help me?
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Tea stains are best attended to immediately with enzyme digester cleaner. These are marketed as pet mess cleaners and under a variety of names such as Nature's Miracle, Out, OdoBan. Any DIY cleaning method should be tested first in an inconspicuous place for ill effects. If in doubt, call a professional.

Carpet dying is best left to professionals. DIY dying tends to report less than exceptional results. There is a website that is currently being promoted-- www.bleachstain.com for bleach stains.
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Sounds like your carpet is nylon. Since you used bleach on it and their is colorloss...I would forget about the tea stain for now. I would call a professional 2 options...IF there is no fiber damage from the bleach...depending on your carpet type ie:bleach will destroy wool carpet...were olefin can be bleached with no damage

They can spot dye your carpet or put a bonded insert of a new piece in. Depending on if the area is in a traffic lane or not. Either option will not yield 100% match with the carpet. Some professionals can get you close 80-95%. And while they are there you can tell them about the tea stain and they can use a protein spotter followed by a tannin remover for the brown with a acid rinse or clear water rinse. I would call around for estimates. You are looking at over 100$ in most cases.

Also if you view any websites keep in mind what i mentioned. Bleach dissolves wool carpet..meaning its gone, destroyed will need bonded insert. So, please keep that in mind those are replacement issues not repair issues.
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I know this is an old thread, but figured I would add something in case someone stumbles upon it. www.bleachstain.com was mentioned. I have peronally used it after many hours of research and figured I would take a shot at it. I figured in the off chance it worked i would save quite a bit of money. It actually worked, very well I might add. May seem like a lot for what they send you...but it saved me a lot of money when moving out of my apartment.
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Cleaning and Stain Removal

f you have carpeting in your home, you have carpet stains. There's just no avoiding it. But there are a handful of useful tricks using pantry and kitchen items already on hand to help remove tea and other stains if you act fast enough.

Here are some easy steps:

Step 1
Try blotting the tea stain with a white cloth or paper towel. Do not rub, as that will only spread the stain and cause it to possibly set deeper into the carpet fibers. Continue blotting with clean towels until you get most of the tea stain up. Blotting is repeatedly pressing directly down onto the spill.

Step 2
Mix a half cup of white vinegar with one cup of warm water and apply it to the tea stain using a spray bottle. If you don't have a spray bottle, you can carefully pour the mixture on the stain.

Step 3
Blot up the vinegar mixture using clean white cloth or paper towels until the towels come up clean.

Step 4
Make a solution of one teaspoon dish detergent to one cup warm water, and apply to the tea stain if the vinegar did not remove the tea stain completely. Blot as much up as possible, removing the soap mixture and the tea stain.

Step 5
Rinse the carpet by spraying or gently pouring clear water on the stain. Blot as much up as possible, and let the area air dry for at least one hour.

Step 6
Check the area after about an hour. If any of the tea stain remains visible, mix one teaspoon of peroxide in one cup of warm water, spray the stain and blot until the stain is gone.

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