Dusting and cleaning hardwood floors


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Dusting and cleaning hardwood floors

What is the best way to dust and clean hardwood floors? I have a fairly large area to keep clean and need to find a better way then using a small whisk broom.

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We use a regular broom to sweep hardwood floors. You can also use a dustmop or a vacuum cleaner that has a setting for hard floors. Don't use a vacuum cleaner made for carpets on a hardwood floor if it has a beater bar. The beating action could damage your floors.

An excellent vacuum for hard floors is a Eureka The Boss. It is lightweight and has good pickup power.

We use Pledge Hardwood Floor cleaner for mopping and a SH-Mop. A SH-Mop can also be used as a dust mop. The SH-Mop has a flat plastic base that will swivel. You use a micro-fiber or terry cloth cover that goes over the base to mop the floor.

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My wife uses a hoover floormate - it vacuums, scrubs and then pulls the water back up from the floor.
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Make sure you know and understand how your floor is sealed...polyurethane, urethane..not sealed?? poly is water safe...urethane it has to be a oil based cleaned...not sealed...you should put anything on it until it is sealed
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An untreated cotton dust mop can be lightly spritzed with vinegar/water solution to pick up dust. To clean floors you can mop, but mop should be squeezed nearly dry. Or you can lightly mist a section of the floor and use mop to clean. Then, buff with old towel to remove streaks and restore shine.
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We have the same problem .. except large areas of floor tile. When I asked how to keep it dusted and cleaned..(ie: should I use a mop, steamer..etc), he rolled his eyes and said that all I need is an old, large towel and a large "garage" /Indoor-Outdoor broom. Spray towel with Pledge or Endust, wrap it around the bristles on the large broom, run over your floors and then, to mop... rinse out towel, soak with cleaner or, perferably, plain water, wrap it around broom and run over floor.

We have 2500 sq ft of ceramic and it used to take HOURS to sweep and clean.. now I can get it all done in 30-40 minutes. The large broom eliminates "streaking," too.

Hope this helps.

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If sweeping hardwood floor, use a nylon or synthetic fiber broom. Do not use a straw broom that may scratch finish. Do not use pretreated dust mops. Many spray treatments and polishes contain silicone, which not only builds up and can may floors slippery and dangerous, as these products can dull and soften finishes over time. Manufacturer's do not always list silicone as an ingredient; call the manufacturer for verification.

Hardwood floors only need occasional damp mopping depending on type and amount of soil. Spills should be wiped up immediately to prevent damage to finish and wood. Avoid wetting floor. Avoid use of waxes, oils, and any products containing these products. If in doubt, follow manufacturers cleaning and maintenance recommendations.

The worst enemy to hardwood floor finish is grit that gets tracked in on shoes. Placing mats inside and outside doors to collect grit and keeping mats clean is important. Running dust mop or brush attachment on vacuum, or sweeping up grit with synthetic broom to keep grit off floors, especially in high traffic areas, is critical to protecting floor finish. Runners and rugs in high traffic areas also protects floor finish.
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