window water spots impossible to remove

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window water spots impossible to remove

I'm trying to remove very hard water spots on some old windows. I've used Ammonia, vinegar and a steel wool pad on a 1-inch section to see if that at least works. So do I need some like Acid eating product or something?!!?!?!?
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Once you have the window clean, put a coat of automotive wax on it and the stain won't come back as easily.
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You may want to stay away from the steel wool even fine on windows it may scratch. You may want to try a CLR product diluted at the reccomended levels on the bottle. Try a microfiber towel when using it make sure you wear chemical resistant gloves when trying. I wouldnt leave the product on long and make sure there is nothing it is going to splash on or drip on that it may damage.

I did some checking most CLR products can be used on glasses/windows so just read the back of the label to make sure.

You can find these products at your local home improvement store or online.
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Acid rain tends to etch windows. This damage is permanent.
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The windows have overhead and I don't think acid rain can get to it the rain would have to be coming almost sideways. My friend who owns the house tells me it's from the sprinkler system and I think he said it's chloride or something, but I thought the sprinkler system used plain water. I'm going to try the Zaino glass cleaner + polish (Z12 if I can remember) thier wax (actually chemical polymers are the best in the world) they say they havn't found a stain that Z12 couldn't tackle.

Anyways I will try the CLR which he has at his house. This will be my last atempt and maybe I will try Aceton while I'm at it


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