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Red face Question about Cat Spraying

How do you get the smell out of the carpet and a leather bag when an unneutered male cat has "sprayed" on them? Thank you for any advice you can give me.
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Im guessing you have padding underneath your carpet?

Depending on how bad and how often the cat has been doing this. You may need to pull back the carpet. Replace the section of padding, after cleaning and sealing the subfloor. Then the carpet could be cleaned using a protein cleaner, which you can get from pet stores most of the time. Clean the carpet while its pulled back if you choose to go that way. Treat a area larger than what you see on the surface. Give it 10-15 mins...then take hot water and a wet dry vac...pour the water onto the carpet and vac it up right afterwards. Its going to take serveral applications, both to front and back of the carpet. Allow to dry serveral days before reinstalling. Only using a protein cleaner to synthetic carpets..not wool etc. For organic carpets do a search for Stain Magic Wool

If you choose to leave the carpet in place...treat the spot the same way and try to get it as dry as possible as quick as possible.

Cats can also spray walls and everything else for that matter.

The handbag would require leather cleaner..if that works at all.
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The bag should probably be taken to a cleaner, diy leather cleaning often fails.

Pull up the carpet, don't try to clean it as is - the amount of urine is going to be much more than you imagine and most likely has penetrated into the pad and maybe the floor.

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