Flooring adhesive on berber carpet

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Flooring adhesive on berber carpet

I searched and didn't find anything that addresses this specifically.

We have been finishing our basement over the past year. We have completed all the flooring, which consists of vinyl floor tile on the mud room/laundry room side (it turned out beautifully) and a berber carpet on the stairs and in the den, the main part of the downstairs area. Our next-door neighbor is a contractor and suggested that we glue down our carpet without a pad -- since it's kind of a rec room and since the carpet is very soft, that's what we did, and it turned out great.

The problem is that when my husband and I were putting down the carpet, he unknowingly got flooring adhesive on his shoes and tracked some of it across the carpet. We tried to clean it up immediately with warm water and thought we got it, but some of it stayed in the carpet, and everywhere there was flooring adhesive, there are now these gray spots all over the sand-colored carpet. They don't look so bad when you are right on top of them, but from the top of the stairs looking down, and standing in the room looking around, it's atrocious. We have tried a ton of things -- I have tried Resolve and Spot Shot, but I know those are really for stains and not for stuff that's stuck in the carpet (and the dirt in our carpet in these spots is stuck to the glue, so it won't come out). I also tried some Oops! on the places where the sticky stuff was really bad and made some progress, but there are still these big gray spots all over the carpet, everywhere his foot touched.

Does anybody know ANYTHING that will clean it up? I'm not above having someone come in and do it for us, but I'm still willing to try anything. I have heard that brake fluid is worth a shot -- is that true? Any other suggestions? We are desperate -- it's horrible having a new room with new carpet that looks like that!
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ok first thing...once adhesive is dry it is a solvent based material..requires a solvent to remove...resolve, spot shout and all the over OTC spotters will not work on this...the opps may of worked if you put it on a rag and then blotted the carpet..applying directly to the carpet can damage it

so with that being said..if the spot has not been set by the resolve and etc...take a shop vac and cool water and a rag..dip the rag into the water and apply over the areas..take the shop vac and suck it back out..you need to get all of those other chemicals out or it will still attract dirt

once you do that..and it may take serveral times doing this

use mineral spirits..put it on the rag then blot the carpet...once you have let it set a few mins and continue blotting with the mineral spirits..once it is out..take rubbing alcohol apply to a new rag and blot over the same areas..now you have to take the mineral spirits out

again, the spots may be set...contacting a professional is always a option and sometimes they have better equipment and chems then what consumers can get..but most min service calls are around $100
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Docduck is right on, he said what I would have and a little more.

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