Need a recipe for home made carpet cleaning solution

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Need a recipe for home made carpet cleaning solution

I'm lookng to make an inexpensive solution for our cleaning machine. I've mixed Oxy clean and Vinegar/water mix and it seems to work well but I wonder if anyone has any better ideas I'd love to hear.

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The Carpet Rug Institute recommends professional carpet cleaning. The pros have the equipment that can maintain hot enough water temp to disinfect and return twist memory to yarn and enough suction to remove excess water that can cause mold/mild and carpet delamination. They also use products that do not leave residues in carpet that attract soil and cause staining. They do not recommend the use of oxy-whatever products because these are oxygenating bleaches. Oxygenating bleaches will affect dye and weaken carpet fibers over time, if not immediately. Spot cleaning should be done ASAP and spotting solution depends on type of stain. Spotting should be done to maintain carpet between professional cleanings. The longer stains remain in carpet, the more challenging, if not impossible, to remove.
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We don't allow our tenants to clean their own carpets for the reasons twelvepole mentioned. We only allow professional cleaning with professional equipment that can extract moisture and chemicals back out of the carpet.
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I agree with both above...oxidizing bleaches can ruin carpet. Basicly all these oxy-whatever products do is..bleach out the spot that you can see. It doesnt really get rid of it. But the thing is alot of times the product doesnt know when to stop bleaching and then it goes after the carpet dye.

Most of these products have high pH levels, then you dump in the vinegar which is acidic..which basicaly causes the bleach to have less effect. In this case that might have actually saved your carpet, by bringing down the pH levels. But over time the build up of residue will damage the carpet.

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