Carpet Nightmare

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Question Carpet Nightmare

If anyone has suggestions, it would be much appreciated. My 6 year old daughter spilled 1/2 a bottle of liquid dish detergent on our carpet and I am having a heck of a time cleaning it up. I am currently using a steam cleaner but all it is doing is making tons of foam.

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Welcome to the DIY forums PEI_Lady

That's a lot of detergent!
This previous thread should help you out. Please post back if not

You will have to copy and paste.
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Best thing to do is...only use your DIY machine with the suction. Take a clean bucket fill it up with COLD WATER and toss in help of cup of vinegar per gallon. Take a rag dip it into your solution and apply it dripping wet to the area and suck the water and mess out. Do this until no more foaming..then take your machine and make plenty of dry passes. Afterwards take your bucket dump it and fill it up with plain water...take some dry rags, double fold them and place them over the area. Then place the bucket over the rags to help dry the area. Change out your rags every few hours.

Basicly cold water will not foam the detergent as much as hot water will, helping with extraction. The vinegar is acidic in pH, were as the detergent is alkaline. The acidic pH will help to break down the foam. The rags will then draw out any remaining the machine couldnt get, hopefully. May take a few applications. When in doubt contact a professional, carpet cleaner. Good luck
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You can also use defoaming agent and water to suction out the detergent. Avoid overwetting carpet and cushion. Getting all detergent out of carpet is important. The vinegar/water solution will help remove soap residues. Any remaining soap in carpet will attract soil, cause rapid resoiling, and possible staining.

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