help (Remove candle wax from ceramic tile)

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Unhappy help (Remove candle wax from ceramic tile)

I need help trying to remove a candle wax stain from my tile floor. What can I use?
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Scrape off excess candlewax from ceramic tile floor with dull knife, spatula, or credit card. Rubbing alcohol will remove any residue. Candlewax absorbed into unsealed grout will have likely been absorbed by grout. Test rubbing alcohol or other solvent cleaner in inconspicuous place first for ill effects on colored grout.
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Here's a trick someone told me that worked great to get wax off a rug.
Put a paper towel or two over it then a cloth towel over that. run a warm iron over it to melt the wax, which is then absorbed by the paper towels.
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Go with twelvepole's suggestion here, since you're not on a rug.
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should come off pretty tweleve pole said if grout is unsealed you may have to clean then rinse. They now make color sealers that you can use to make 'repairs" to effected areas of the grout. I would seal the whole floor thou.
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Removing candle wax from grout

Your previous suggestions led me to test several different cleaners. A guest at our Holiday Party accidently tipped-over a red candle that was burning on a bathroom counter. The hot red wax spread out across the bathroom floor tile and grout, in about a 2 ft x 2 ft area. Getting the wax up off the tile itself was accomplished using lemon oil.....the grout posed a larger challenge (tan color grout and tile) to get the red out of the porrus tan grout. After reading posts about this task, I tried several solvents on a test area that wouldn't be noticed if discoloration occured. Long story short.... it was a product called "Oops" (with the added use of an old toothbrush) that removed all the red candle wax and left the grout looking as it did before the spill. "Oops" is a product made by "DIY Products Division, Rhodes American",Chicago, IL and is primarily marketed as a Latex Paint Remover, but lists several other removal uses (Tar, Lipstick, Crayons, Gum, Ink, etc..) on the front of the can. Thanks to all for steering me in the right product direction. Hope this info helps someone else tackle the same clean-up need, should it occur to them.

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