Kilz Help!?!

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Lightbulb Kilz Help!?!

Hi, I painted a room with Kilz last night and did not read the can and did not wear the proper attire. (Blonde Girl, I know) What I desparately need help with is, how do I remove the Kilz from my skin and hair? I rolled it on so I managed to get quite a bit on me, my arm is pretty white. I have taken two showers and scrubbed to the point that my skin is coming off with the paint. Help?!?
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I don't have much hair on my head but the shampoo conditioner usually does a pretty good job of getting overspray out of my beard.

As you now know removing the paint off of your skin while still wet/tacky would have been best. You might try some 'goop' or any automotive type hand cleaner. Some of the 'hotter' paint thinners may also disolve the dry paint but it might be better on your skin to just let it wear off.

btw - welcome to the diy forums!
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Received 0 Votes on 0 Posts wife has done this before..i would say some automotive cleaner too...or just live with it for a few
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Cook up a pound or two of bacon. Eat the bacon if you wish. This is the season for BLT sandwiches. When the fat is cool rub it into your skin well. It will loosen up the paint. Then use some good dish washing detergent to take off the grease. Of if you have a dog let him lick it all off and the paint with it.

Meat fat is a very good hand cleaner.
No kidding.
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Sometimes us brunettes lose our brains too. I've done the same thing and have had success getting it off my skin with soap and those green scratch pad scrubber things. Wow. For the life of me, I can't remember what it's called! See? My brain's not functioning properly. Hope your skin is feeling better.

As far as the hair...I've managed to use my fingernails and get it out. I can't even describe HOW, but take your thumb and index or middle fingernails and pinch the section of your hair that has the paint on it and scrape it off. Just HOW much did you get on your hair?

Be careful not to try ALL these things as stated above all at the same time

Welcome to the forums
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one thing i forgot are you allergic to anything? if you are check the msds for kilz or any cleaners first!
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Thumbs up

Try OOPS! Multi Purpose Remover..........I had a similar issue last week. OOPS saved the day.

P.S. I'm a blonde too
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Baby oil can be used to soften the paint on skin. Follow up with a good soak in a bubble bath and one of the nylon bath scrubbies for the body. After a couple of shampoos using lots of conditioner, giving it time to remain on hair before rinsing, is usually effective for removing paint from hair. Any remaining paint can be manually removed with fingernails as indicated. Paint on skin and hair eventually disappear with repeated showers.

When painting it's best to wear long sleeves and cover hair. If hair is long you can pull it up and cover with scarf or painter's cap (available at paint store). If hair is short, cover with scarf or stuff into painter's cap.
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D & L Hand Cleaner is the best thing I've found for oil paint
And that's for skin, hair, clothes

It's gooey...and stinky (petroleum product), but works
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Goof Off get Kilz off skin

Goof Off got dried Kilz off my skin.
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just always be careful with applying chemicals to your skin.....and if you do rinse rinse rinse...most have warnings for skin irritation

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