Epoxied Tub

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Epoxied Tub

I need to clean the bottom of my tub.
It was painted by previous owner.
The grime seems to be set in the pores of the paint.
I have tried bleach & clennsers to scrub it out.
Nothing seems to work.

Any Ideas?
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Light sanding may be required to remove it. Sounds like whoever painted this before must of skipped prepping the tub correctly. Wear mask and open windows while doing so. I would start out with a fine steel wool first then progress to more agreessive ONLY if its not coming out. Remember since it sounds like an older tub..your not going to get prefection...so be prepared to come to a point when its as good as it gets.
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Improper cleaners, especially abrasive and caustic, can remove gel coat from fiberglass and damage porcelain finish. Once protective finish is damaged/removed, surface becomes porous and absorbent of oils and soils.

To paint over damaged surface, compounds problems. Paint would have to be stripped. If surface if fiberglass, there are fiberglass gel coat repair specialist available. You can find contacts through a local plumbing supply. The plumbing supply may be able to provide you contact info for porcelain recoating.

Paint is not a long-term viable option in a tub/shower area. Paint can not withstand the thermal fluctuations and the subjection to chemical cleansers.

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