treadmill smells like cigarette smoke


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treadmill smells like cigarette smoke

I got a great deal on a used treadmill but it stinks of smoke. I wiped it down with vinegar and left it outside all night, but it still reeks. Any suggestions for cleaning it more thoroughly? Thanks.
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There are areas that are likely not directly accessible for cleaning, such as under the running belt where debris tends to build up and inside the motor area. Check the manufacturer's website for care and maintenance recommendations for your model. Many offer cleaning and maintenance kits, including lubrication.

The following cleaning guide emphasizes the importance of keeping the inside of the treadmill clean as well as the outside:
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I would tend to say twelevepole is right there are areas you cant reach to clean. Using a good degreaser may help the areas you can..then rinse rinse rinse. Repeated applications may be needed...try sitting it outside in the direct sunlight for half a day or so
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A product that works well on cigarette smoke is TSP.
If you buy the powder form mix according to instructions and wash everything down.
The instructions for TSP should tell you that you need to rinse well with clear water.

You should know that plastics and rubber tend to absorb and retain odors for quite awhile.
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You also might want to consider an "odor bomb". You can get them at a janitorial supply company. Put the tread mill in a closed room, set off the bomb and let it penetrate for a day or two. We used them when someone died and was found in an apt or house.

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