Rotting meat smell in car


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Rotting meat smell in car

Taking a bleeding friend to hospital has my car smelling unholy. I tried to clean the stain out with stain removers and most of it is gone, but the car smells like rotting meat and in the hot weather this is unbearable. I tried pouring white vinegar onto the seat, poured in about a quart, but it isn't working. Has anyone tried coffee grounds to get rid of blood/rotten meat odor? If so would like to know how long I need to leave them on, and any other advice to help get rid of the stench. Friends have warned me I need to get the seat professionally cleaned but this is a 17 yr old car and I just don't have the money.

Thanks in advance!
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Sounds like to me the amount of blood introduced into the cushion was a large amount...with this being would be difficult to remove the blood without it being professionaly cleaned.

Putting coffee grounds or anything else in there without removing the source would be short lived. Check to see if during the event or cleaning up it hasnt gone all the way thru to the underside of them.
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You can clean upholstery, but not the cushion beneath. Coffee grounds can be placed in a pie tin and placed under the seat to absorb odors.

And enzyme deodorizer can be used. These are marketed as pet mess cleaners and under a variety of names like Odo Ban, Nature's Miracle, Out, and others. The enzymes digest organic odors. Spray through AC intake vent. Repeat applications may be necessary. How to instructions here:
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Thanks twelvepole and docduck, appreciate the suggestions and helpful link. The douse of vinegar seemed to help and after vaccuming up the coffee grounds I have left chunks of charcoal under the seat and will try a pan of coffee grounds as well. I will also that the steps provided in the link posted.
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Ugh. Rotting meat could be the worlst car smell i've ever heard of. Better do something about it before you get bugs

Whenever i leave a steak under the seat in the summer time i always use an ozone generator to clean it out. Currently i have a couple of the One unit will take any smell i've come up with out of the car quickly. I just leave it alone for a few hours and come back to a fresh smelling car. Those generators are amazing.

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