Remove smoke smell in leatheer couch


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Remove smoke smell in leatheer couch

I received a wonderfuol leather couch from my parents but between them they probably smoke 8 packs a day. The smell is horrid! I have been alternating cleaning it with Fabreeze for fabrics and a leather cleaner. What else can I try? Thanks and always, you guys are the best..
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OZONE read the other post!
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fabreeze type cleaners tend to just cover up odors. Depending on how old the couch may take restorative type cleaning. I would suggest you consider what the couch is worth to you...not really meaning how much money its worth. But what its worth to you. You could easily sink in a lot of time and money to try to get it back into decent shape. As in other posts ozone does work on odors..BUT the area would not be able to be occupied during the treatment. There are health concerns using this as well. So as i always say if you choose to try ozone..let a professional either take the item to a shop to treat and clean. There are times were i say DDIY...dont do it yourself. Ozone treatment is one of them.
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My sister-in-law "received" a couch from her ex when she built a new house and it smelled like cat pee. She removed the leather covers off the seat cusions and washed the cushions in the largest washers at the local laundry mat then she used a leather claening kit purchased at a local fine furniture store for the covers and the rest of the couch. It might not work for smoke, but a good leather couch is worth the effort and you might have some success. Good Luck.
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be careful removing covers and washing...they may shrink and then that causes a another problem
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This may or may not help your problem but a few years ago I bought a used car with leather interior for my significant other. It had the worst case of cigarette odor I have ever run into in my long lifetime. My buddy, who works at a Cadillac dealership, got me some stuff that the dealership used for similar problems. My girlfriend applied it and it worked like a charm. Shocked the heck out of me!
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