mold on insulation in fan coil unit

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mold on insulation in fan coil unit

My co-op apt. has Carrier fan coil units (heating & AC) circa 1975. There is a layer of batt insulation on the back side of the metal cover of the unit. This cover faces the room, and comes off to access the unit. The yellow insulation is now black; there are some areas with white spots over the black; there are some shiny wet black areas. It looks like mold to me, and I would like to do something about it.

The super first tried to tell me it was ok because they replace the filters every year. (But this disgusting insulation is still there.) Then he said the insulation can't be removed. I think he was trying to say they sprayed it black so mold wouldn't grow. (Even if that is true, I guess it didn't work because there is something white on top of the black.)

I was told to wipe it down with a bleach/water solution. I wiped down the inside of the unit. When I wiped the insulation, it didn't clean at all, and the insulation began to shred. I was tempted to just pull off all the insulation. Is it necessary to have insulation on the cover? If so, how can it be replaced? Maybe a piece of rigid insulation instead?

Thanks for any help or information!
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This might get moved to the AC thread, but I will solve your issue. 1st your supper is wrong about the bleach. It should not be used in a HVAC system because it is not EPA registered for its use. 2nd the insulation should be HEPA vacuumed off BBJ. Then the liner can be coated with Foster 40-20. There should be no mold in the HVAC system this is a big dill. Have the super clean the HVAC system and do the above steps. The liner should not be removed unless you will replace it.
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if it is mold it is a big deal. Changing filters just once a year is low to me. Every commerical and some residential units i run accross we do..3 or 4 times a year depending on use. Contact the owners or property management company of the building and ask them to correct the issue. You may have to put it in writing. I would give up on the super...doesnt sound like he is in a position either budget wise or maybe doesnt care.

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