Cleaning Old Bathtub

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Cleaning Old Bathtub

I have an old 1950's American Standard cast iron, white procelain (or enamel) tub. It's in great shape structurally but has a few yellowish stains, which discolor the white. I've tried using regular cleaning agents and no results. I'm remodeling the bathroom now and would like to keep this's a great tub. I've read somewhere about using a mixture of salt and turpentine...but was leary to try.

I don't want to reglaze or paint the tub...I've known too many people who've done this only to have the tubs start peeling or cracking 6 to 8 months that's out!

Has anyone out there dealt with this problems and have any suggestions for how to remove these discolorations??
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I would wait on additional confirmation on this, but you might try a pumice stick/stone. Works good on toilet bowl stains and such. Here's sample:

Pumie Pumice Scouring Stick

You can get like item at the big box stores for $4 or $5. You dampen it and then rub gently.
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Cleaning Old Bathtub

Don't think your suppose to use anything abrasive on these enamel or porcelain type surfaces, since it would scratch it.

Anyone else with any ideas?
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I've sold many a Pumie and they work.Pumice is extremely fine and isn't hard on glazed ceramics like a tub.If you looked at the link,it clearly says so.

There are also mild acid based products like Whink and Sink and Tub Jelly you could try.
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Goof-Off (xylene) is an amazing cleaner for that type of thing.
I would try a tiny spot somewhere with a Q-Tip, and see how it turns out first, but I've used it to clean practically everything under the sun, including a recent project with granite.
Very good stuff.
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i think a fine pumice should be ok...but since your remodeling the bathroom...why not refinish the tub? You can still keep the look and you can think of it as an investment in keeping it sealed up.
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