Help....I stink!

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Help....I stink!

...a laundry issue I think. My workout clothes retain a nasty odor, which "reactivates" when i perspire, which I do excessively when working out. The nasty odor brings to (my) mind garbage or dirty diapers, and it's embarrassing. I've tried some things that have worked for a musty smell in towels, namely smaller loads, less soap, additional rinse cycle, and vinegar in the rinse water, but the smell persists. I noticed the sticky in this forum that relates to towels, and I'm about to try straight ammonia in the wash cycle, but does anyone have any other ideas? I'll try anything.
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You might try baking soda in the wash water, even letting the clothes soak overnight before running the wash cycle. Hit it hard the first time, like a whole box (1 lb) for maximum effect. Good luck
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i've always tried letting my clothes dry on a clothes line... typically knocks out that mildew smell that you get when your clothes sit in the washer too long-- hope it works for you
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sometimes letting stuff dry outside on the line in the direct sun will help neutrailze odors

the odor could be caused by many long they sit wet...i used to work out hard and i was on many different supplements and my eating habits were weird..they could also factor into the odor your body gives off

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