Super old/gross waxy mystery stain in my back seat. (with pictures)

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Super old/gross waxy mystery stain in my back seat. (with pictures)

There's this strange, waxy, cheese-like substance that someone spilled in the back of my car a few years ago (I just took it out of storage after 3 years) in which I discovered after moving a bunch of stuff. I've tried the steam vac hand tool over it twice on two different days. The first time, nothing happened. Second time, I got the top layer off and now it stinks. It's so thick that brushes and water/soap have minimal effect (but I don't want to brush the seats raw).

It's super gross and super embarrassing.

I'm taking the back seats out tomorrow to try and tackle the stain. My next strategy is to let it sit in the hot sun and then try a nail brush + diluted detergent?

What do you think I should try?
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scarpe off as much as you can....apply your cleaner and let sit 10-15 mins then run your machine over it...afterwards then let it sit out in the sun
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I would try scraping it with a flat razor blade...I don't know exactly where the stain is, but if it's on the seat, you should be able to scrape it with a flat blade and get the worst of it off. Obviously use caution so that you don't accidently slip and slice open your seat, I would try to pull the upholstery as taut as I could while scraping to help prevent slipups. My "how to clean anything" book recommends using a spoon to scrape with, but I'd think you'd have better luck with the razor blade--or a butter knife at the very least. After that, I would try some of that Spot Shot upholstery cleaner. You should be able to find it in the automotive section of Wal-Mart/Target.

Good luck!

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