Red juice stain on tan carpet

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Angry Red juice stain on tan carpet

Help, stain has been set for about 3 days. How can I clean it up and out?
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Look for Resolve carpet spotter (2 parts in the same squeeze bottle preferred) with oxygen. Works great on organic stains (including wine and pet stains) but not too good on dyes.

Apply, let sit, blot and reapply, etc.

Without any clue of what the stain is from that is, that is a best guess.

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if it is a juice has man made dyes in it....have no opinion on the resolve cleaner..but you will need a reducing removes oxygen from the area..that makes the dyes invisible to the eye...doesnt really remove it..but if you cant see it all the same...if its a big area and expensive carpet...i would call a professional

i have seen many people try their hand at cleaning carpet only to set stains and make it worse
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Recently had an incident where our kindergartner decided to change the color of the living room carpet with a marker; about a square foot of heavy scribbling. Tried several things and was sure we were going to have to call a pro. Wife picked up a cleaner called "FOLEX Instant Carpet Spot Cleaner"; H-D or Wal-Mart, can't remember which. Took it right out (or camoflaged it as per doc's description); I was amazed.
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you can try:

mix one teaspoon of natural dish soap (Dawn is a good brand to use) with a cup of hydrogen peroxide and pour it over the stained part of the carpet and leave it to soak for a few minutes. After, rinse any residue with water, blot with a dry cloth or paper towel, and put some salt on the spot (salt helps remove moisture). Allow to dry few hours or all night and then vacuum the spot.

if you're afraid that the peroxide will bleach your tan carpet white, you should test it first on a small hidden area to see how long you should leave the peroxide in your carpet before it bleaches it.
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I've seen lots of problems caused by resolve products over the years, so I'm a little hesitant any time someone uses or recommends it. It's pretty common, actually, for your stain 'remover' to make the problem worse.

I would start by rinsing with clean water and extracting with a wet/dry vac to see if anything comes up that way. Anything left and I'm going to defer to docduck or recommend hiring a pro. If there's dye in there, you're likely not going to get it to come out - our leases actually prohibit kool-aid being consumed in a carpeted area of the unit for this reason.
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I think Tow Guy's wife was spot on - pardon the pun. Folex seems to clean up most everything we have had slopped on the carpet. We get it locally at Lowes.
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I think red juice stains are impossible to get out, according to info I get directly from pro cleaners.

Servicemaster could not get out red juice all over good carpet at rental and landlord now has to pay to have it sectioned out.

However, red wine stain may come out. My home center has remover for that - and the label on it makes you believe it is some miracle product. And I bet people buy it to try on red juice stains (likely to no avail and - I bet the mfg. knew that when they made/sold that product!). If that product could work on red juice stain, I'm sure the label would not say (just) wine. The red juice must obviously work as a dye, as mentioned. The molecules must be smaller than the fibers is is entering, I presume.

There may be products and methods to deaden the brightness some, but I doubt any will get it all out, without changing the color of the carpet as well.

I love to experiment on things and in the past I think I have tinkered in this area and should take it up again. Ever hear of fighting fire with fire? An outside the box technique? Like, perhaps dumping more red juice on the area (that is wrecked anyway) and trying to see if that helps dissolve the old along with the new - and then to try to clean or wick it all up using say a white terry towel and an iron, maybe. ??? It is surprising what you can get up with an iron when you run over a white absorbant towel with it.

I'll let you know if I experiment or learn more in this regard. I know a carpet cleaner who has the best equipment, real well.
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Red stains can be depends on what it is and if someone has dumped everything under the sink on it and set it

cool aid.....synthetic dye stain
red dye stain

2 different spills 2 different solutions

Heat transfer methods described with the iron can the hands of a experienced person

the heat speeds up the reaction of the cleaner being used...allow the spot to be drawn toward the heat into the rags.....but if your not careful you can melt or burn the carpet

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