Stainless Steel spot removal!!!

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Smile Stainless Steel spot removal!!!

I have recently purchased a new stainless steel refrigerator, and there is a small black stain on the front. Can anyone tell me how to remove this without ruining the shine or scratching? I have tried the stainless steel wipes, but it is still there. It looks like it could be ink or grease, but I would think grease would come off.
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Almost sounds like a stain from a label from it being new?? Barkeepers friend is a very popular solution you will find on these fourms. Very fine steel wool may also help. But keep in mind you may need to test any diy attempt on the back or another hidden area. Acidic cleaners can pitt SS as well. Depending on the quaility of the stainless..that will have some effect on how it holds up. Lower grades of stainless will stain.
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I own a SS GE microwave, it also has a black stain when I bought it. Doesn't remove with my stainless steel wipe on the first attempt, but was totally gone second time around. What kind of stainless steel wipe are you using?

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