How to Remove Deposits & Sediment build up in Dishwasher (post moved)

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How to Remove Deposits & Sediment build up in Dishwasher (post moved)


we have a dishwasher that has a large amount of built up sediment that appears to be hardened & undissolved detergent. The sediment is actually visible as chunks inside of the spraying assemblies. It is also all over the inside of the machine.

I have tried various methods to remove this build-up including vinegar & baking soda as well as running Tang through several cycles in the dishwasher.

Nothing so far appears to be doing much good.

I need something much more powerful to help dissolve this build up inside the dishwasher.

Any recommendations?

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I would suggest taking a sample of your water to a water testing agency. Most will test it for free and let you know whats in there. Yes they are going to try to sell you stuff. BUT once you know whats in there..that will help you remedy it.

the spray arms should be able to be removed. I would soak them in a bucket of clr...and i would run a small amount of clr thru the machine. Heavy deposits will take time to remove. Dont be surprised if you have to remove the spray arms again a few days later for lose crud that gets jammed in there.

After that you should consider a water filter or softener for the house. Or keep an eye on the amount of detergent being used.
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Dishwasher Magic (Lowes/Home Depot) works very well.

White residue that's flaky is detergent crud. Too much detergent is being used. Usually one to two teaspoons is sufficient.

White residue that is difficult to scrape off and is hard as a rock is usually calcium deposits. Dishwasher Magic will dissolve this accumulation. Follow the instructions on the label for correct useage.

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