Removing purple permanent marker from carpet!!! Help!!!

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Removing purple permanent marker from carpet!!! Help!!!

My wonderful ( I say that lightly right now) 4 year old drew spaceships on our beige carpet with purple permanent marker he found in drawer in my bedroom. I love that he drew but not on my carpet!!! I have a steam carpet cleaner but that did not work. I looked online and someone said hairspray but that did not help. I used Shout but that made it worse! Please someone help! I am a clean-a-holic and it is driving me nuts!!!! And it is not in a spot where I can just cover it up with some furniture!
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We have had good luck using Spot Shot to remove stains but have never used it to remove permanent marker. That might be a little much for that. Goof Off removes marker but that stuff is STRONG and might also remove the carpet!

If all else fails, and you have a spare piece of carpet, a good carpet guy would be able to cut in a patch.
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While I find Resolve good for getting out a lot of stains, permanent marker is difficult to get out as is and a purple color (with the dreaded and hard to get out red dye) is going to be even harder, if not impossible.
Maybe you could try Rit Color Remover. Normally it goes in the wash, but you could try putting it in a bucket and dabbing the rug.
You could cover it with a throw rug too, or maybe your best bet would be to call in a professional carpet cleaner.
Good luck!
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call a professional cleaner....the more stuff u put in trying to get it going to get you one step closer to replacing that area
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Naphtha is the solvent you want to use for permanent marker

The easiest source for it is charcoal starter

At this point, I'd be afraid to put anything else on the carpet and you may have set the stain permanently already

I'd either call a pro or rinse the area with clean water until you get every last bit of everything you've already put on there out and then try the naphtha

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