Human Urine on sofa

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Human Urine on sofa

Grandson spent the night and fell asleep on brown microfiber sofa and had an 'accident' while sleeping.
I am beside myself as couch is only 2 yrs old.
I tried resolve, which did nothing.
I tried a mixture of vinegar, salt and water. Still reeks of pee smell.
Is there any hope? It's almost Christmas and company coming.

PLEASE let me know if this is fixable or if I've blown a small fortune on furniture that is now ruined.

Thank you so much!
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You'll probably need an enzyme-based odor remover. Check the nearest pet supply place. You'll need to make sure it won't stain or remove fabric color by testing first, but the enzyme stuff works pretty well. The tough part is getting enough on the cushion to reach down deep where the smell has seeped which is tougher than treating something like a spot on a carpet.
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I bought this cleaner called "Tuff Stuff" from Pep Boys recently, and it actually worked and left a really nice smell. It is for use on Upholstery, too.
Fabreze works really well for smells, too.
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Read my post in the top sticky in this forum (the one about removing pen ink from upholstery).

Almost every place listed under "Janitorial Equipment & Supplies" in your yellow pages phone directory will sell spotting solutions to the carpet cleaning contractors in your area. Those contractors will use those same cleaning chemicals to remove stains from upholstery as well. If you can read English and follow directions as well as anyone else, you can remove that urine stain from your couch as well as any cleaning contractor could.

EVERY place listed under "Janitorial Equipment & Supplies" will sell directly to you because they don't sell to retailers who are going to bark at them for stealing their business. About the only other places that sell cleaning supplies are supermarkets and hardwares stores, and they buy from their own suppliers, not from the local janitorial supply stores. As long as you pay with cash, they'll all sell you a spotting solution for removing urine.
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If the urine soaked into the foam, it will need to be replaced

If the covers come off the cushions and are washable (read the tag), I'd just throw them in the washing machine
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Originally Posted by mitch17 View Post
If the urine soaked into the foam, it will need to be replaced
would it be advantageous to soak the foam in soap/water for a while ?
my thinking = the urine soaked in. so it could be leached out. ?
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Not all foam is washable. We also don't know what's inside the cushion. One piece of foam, shredded foam, down or feathers, or whatever.
If the sofa was expensive, might be worth it to take the cushion to someone who makes custom cushions and just have a new one made. While it's not real cheap, it'll be cheaper than buying a new sofa, and it'll be brand new, whereas washing it, will probably ruin it.

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