A Quicker way to vaccum and clean your carpet?

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Question A Quicker way to vaccum and clean your carpet?

Is there an easier/ quicker way to use that carpet cleaing powder? I have 3 dogs and not alot of time to just have the powder sitting on the carpet and then all my dogs run through it and it takes way longer then it should. It seems like a hassel in my " cleaning routine" anyone know of a way to get the job done faster without waiting? Thanks.
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First off, lemme tell you that that stupid carpet cleaning powder is pure garbage. It just adds to the amount of garbage that collects deep in the carpet pile. And, then when you shampoo the carpet, the stuff that doesn't come out with vaccuuming turns into a muck-like substance, and when that dries, it takes forever to vaccuum it out of the carpet.

The best way of cleaning a carpet is with a vaccuum cleaner. ALWAYS ALWAYS ALWAYS vaccuum the carpet to remove solid soils before shampooing to remove liquid stains. That's because as soon as you get the carpet wet, then surface tension causes the solid soils (like sand, say) to stick to the carpet pile, making it much harder to remove. Next time you're at the beach, try cleaning sand off of wet feet and dry feet, and see which one works better.

What I tell people wanting to take the best care of their carpet is to:

1. Use a GOOD quality vaccuum cleaner and vaccuum regularily, and

2. If they're wanting to remove pet accidents from their carpets, then they can do that with a wet/dry vaccuum cleaner and a spray bottle. You can't shampoo an entire carpet with a $69 wet/dry Shop Vac style vaccuum cleaner, but you can certainly clean up some pet urine with one. Just remove any paper filter from the vaccuum cleaner and place the end of the suction hose right on the affected area. The air current through the pile of the carpet will remove much of the urine. Then, spray the area down with a spray bottle and use the vaccuum to pull the liquid out of the carpet. Do that a few times, and the urine will effectively be out of the carpet.

Also, if you're wanting to remove old and dried up urine stains, look in your Yellow Pages phone directory under Janitorial Equipment & Supplies and go to any of the places listed there that say they sell "spotting solutions" for cleaning carpets. A "spotting solution" or "spotter" is simply a stain remover that professional carpet cleaning contractors use to remove various kinds of stains from carpet and upholstery. Typically, a spotting "kit" will contain about a dozen different kinds of spotters, spotters for ink stains, spotters for vomit, spotters for blood, spotters for feces and urine, for coffee and tea, and what have you. You don't need to buy the whole kit; you can just buy a single bottle of any kind of spotter you want, which is what the pros do when they run out of a spotter.

Just tell the nice man at the Janitorial Supply shop that you want to use that spotting solution in one spray bottle, clean rinse water in another and an inexpensive wet/dry vaccuum cleaner from Sears to clean pet accidents out of your new expensive carpet, and as long as you buy your cleaning materials from him, he'll throw in all the free advice you need or want on how to best use the product with the equipment you have. And, he'll think you're smarter than the average homeowner to have thought of that way of cleaning stains out of your carpet.

But beware. Not all Janitorial Supply stores are equal. Some of them survive by selling toilet paper and light bulbs to community centers where the people running the place get paid the same if they do a good job or a lousy one. Those janitorial supply stores are NOT the place to go to get your supplies because the people working there won't be as knowledgeable as the places where the contractors go. So, maybe phone up a few carpet cleaning contractors and ask where they'd suggest you go to find people knowledgeable about carpet cleaning. If you phone around, the same 3 or 4 names will keep coming up, and any of those places will give you good advice free of charge.

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