how to remove tar off of vehicle?!

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How can we remove blacktop tar off of our vehicle without damaging the paint?
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Cool Try automotive forum next time.

Hi you two,

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I worked in an automotive shop in a past life and cleaned many a vehicle free of road tar off the rocker panels using elbow grease (just a phrase, not really grease, lol) and mineral spirits. Mineral spirits and closely related petroleum products are also called, Stodard Solvent and paint thinner. To be sure you get the correct product, go to the hardware or home center and buy the product labeled, Mineral Spirits, otherwise you could accidentally get paint thinner that will damage your paint. Mineral spirits is one of the safer petroleum or paint products from a flammability point of view. We had 100 gallon tank of it that we soaked greasy parts with, and we would drop cigarette ashs in it accidentally, and we never blew up, although I don't recommend it. It will burn if its a hot ash. I know what you are thinking, and yes, I have since quit smoking. lol.
Often a quart of it will sell for about the same as a gallon, so it pays to buy a gallon and keep it around to clean up grease, hands, paint, etc.

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an easy way to remove black tar from your car is peanut butter. smooth of course! let it sit for about 30 seconds then remove with a clean cloth. you may have to repeat a few times depending on how thick and how long the tar has been on the car.

best of luck
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safe removal

Hi there. We went to a local automotive Autozone or Advanced Auto and bought tar removal for our car. It was a little expensive, but it did the job and we didn't have to worry about our paint! Hope it works out for you!
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WD-40 works great as well. Spray on and wipe off.
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Don't foget to re-wax any areas that you use any remover on.
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I've always used bug and tar remover with a scrub pad that looks a lot like the windshield scrubber on the squeegee at the gas station - you'll find those near the wax in the store. Tow guy is right, this stuff will take the wax off as well as the tar.
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kerosene, soap and water, then wax
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Go to your nearest grocery (Walmart), on the kitchen cleaner isle you will find Scotch-Brite multi purpose no scratch scour pads. They work on everything. You won't have to wax after using them.

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