Dog poop remediation

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Dog poop remediation

Ok, this is one of those "mia calpa" questions.

I have volcanic rock in a small portion of my back yard where i placed even smaller approximately 2ftx14ft strip of AstroTurf. I tried encouraging my two teacup poodles to go on the strip, but they consistently kept missing the target and now whatever they have deposited there stinks and attracts flies
So, to the Home Depot I go and one of the guys there is telling me that he have had the same problem and was able to easily take care of it by spraying concentrated (like 70%) Hydrogen Peroxide on the area and let it fizzle - i.e. disintegrate the organic matter I guess.

Found a local pool supply house that sells 36% concentrate, the question(s);
a. Is it safe for the dogs? (I am going to move the "landing strip" away from that area where there is no rock....
b. Is it effective?
c. Is it safe for the surrounding plants?

Thanks in advance.
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Whenever our dog makes a mistake in the house (not often, but he's getting old now) she sprays vinegar on the area, then blots it up with paper towels. Supposedly this neutralizes the smell so he doesn't keep going to the same area. A gallon of generic vinegar is inexpensive & worth a try. Another possibility, since it's outside, would be the remedy for when a skunk sprays your dog. That is to mix 1 qt 3% hydrogen peroxide with 1/4 cup baking soda and 1 ts dishwashing detergent. Use a large bucket since it foams up, & work fast with a long handled brush, and wear rubber gloves to protect your hands. Use it all & don't save any leftover. Good luck

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