Is it safe to use a pumice stone on toilet?


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Is it safe to use a pumice stone on toilet?

I recently noticed a Pumie pumice stone packaged for scrubbing water rings & stains off the toilet bowl. I bought one but it seems very abrasive. Is it really as safe for china as the package says?
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VERY gently as it's pretty aggressive. Better to use that scrubber block put out by Mr. Clean - in the toilet-cleaning section at the supermarket. Actually I just use acid to keep free of those hard-water rings that attract stains. I check the various toilet cleaners in that same section (not bathroom cleaners because all-purpose and not strong enough). I buy the brand of bowl cleaner with the strongest percentage of hydrochloric acid and use as directed with a toilet brush. For really durable stains, I lay strips of toilet paper on the stains and dribble vinegar (a weak acid) onto the strips to soften up the lime deposits. Add more vinegar several hours later. Wait another several hours. Then flush and try the brush again. Repeat vinegar treatment if needed. Eventually the bowl will sparkle. Over several decades these processes have never damaged a toilet bowl, and require less of my energy.
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I'm not familiar with that brand but I used the powder form on the shower floor and really scrubbed hard, no scratching.
I've also used fine pumice to rub out varnish, so it may not be as abrasive as it looks.
The build up I was scrubbing in the shower was very hard and the pumice did the trick.
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I use a pumice stone and my only tip would be to make sure you work wet, i.e. wet the surface and the stone. The directions will probably tell you that.
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It also depend upon the finish of the toilet. I would definitely not use a pumice stone on a Toto with Sani-glos (registered trademark) finish nor would I use any harsh acid. More frequent cleaning may be necessary as well.
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I've been using a Pumie stone on my toilets for years. Even my American Standard that is 6 years old with the anti-bacterial finish, like Furd mentions, and have had no issues.

As said...wet, wet, wet as you work. Not a problem since you have a supply of water right at hand. (Get it? Right at hand? lol)

It may seem abrasive, but I've used it on sinks, tile showers, tile floors, etc, and never noticed any eroding of the finish.
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I recommend Bon-Ami only (never any other cleanser)as recommended by American Standard on their units.
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Thanks everyone -- esp. Gunguy with the years experience.

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