Indoor air specialist found mold and high ethanol levels

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Indoor air specialist found mold and high ethanol levels

Just wondering if anyone knows much about mold. We found a lot of mold in the basement and the air samples taken from both the upstairs and basement showed high levels of ethanol and isopropryl alcohol compounds. The specialist is saying the smell we get in the house musty and lot of times a sweet chemical like odor can be from MVOC's. I just wanted to know what others thought about this. Thank you.
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Any time you have a dark damp space mold can occur. Many people use a dehumidifier in their basement to keep the humidity below the level where mold can grow.
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Any recommendations as to a company to use, I know this can vary depending on where you live, but curious about larger companies that folks have had good results with.

I've been noticing a cat urine smell at times, only when the humidity is high and it's either raining out or is going to be raining out. Here's what is at least puzzling to me with this....

1) The smell is in a dining room, near or under a full length window that almost goes to the floor.
2) We just replaced all of the windows in the house last year and the previous windows on the front of the house, where the dining room is at were in great shape, no visible signs of water leaking, the bottom of the window is at least 2' above the ground on the outside, has never had flooding type water anywhere near it as the house is raised from the street and the window faces North.
3) In the 20 years that we've lived here, the formal dining room has been used maybe a dozen times and is mostly used for folding laundry. There isn't much in this room, a dining room table a cabinet on the opposite wall, and that's it.
4) There has never been any cats in the house ever (we bought it new) and there has never been anything spilled there, etc...
5) The outside is brick, sitting on the concrete foundation with a full basement underneath, so ventilation all around, both inside and out of the house.

Wanted to provide some of the details above for a visual... My wife thinks that it could be mold/mildew and I'm not disagreeing with her, just not sure how water or whatever would/could have caused this and was thinking of having someone come out but didn't know what testing is available and what air quality tests can be done.

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