Tub has oily residue from use of bathoils, salts and beads

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Tub has oily residue from use of bathoils, salts and beads

This tub was used by teenage/college girls who used more skin and hair potions, concoctions and elixirs than Merlin ever need at Camelot!
Anyway I have used all types of cleaners even steam and nothing seems to be working. The tub is cast iron but the finish is similar to a fiberglass tub. I have avoided using anything more abrasive then Comet. Another problem is I went and got myself some mileage on my chassis. Well, bending over and scrubbing that sucker is hard. I am good for about 10 minutes.
I have gone to the hardware stores and bought more cleaners. Purple, green, orange and a nice paisley from the last one I used, fumes. I have bought degreasers out the yahoo. Sprayed on, scrubbed on, left for minutes to 2 days. NOTHING PENETRATES!!! I can rub an area with my finger and it does move and if I scrape with my fingernail it will come off.
Nearing time to sell and want to spruce up the place.
Any ideas? Have one that works you will get my Mamma's Etouffee recipe for Shrimp, Crawfish, chicken or what ever boils your crawfish!
Thank You, Tim
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Hi Tim,
I did some searching a month ago and found a home made solution and tried it. Let it soak and use a long handled brush (easier on the back) and it seemed to do a very good job. I picked up another cleaner to whiten the grout but don't use some at the same time, he mentions that in the article.

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For cleaning tough residue I recently found something that I swear by. It is the liquid form of Bar Keeper's Friend.

This is non abrasive and does not scratch but it has been a miracle worker for almost all the tough cleaning jobs around the house.

I have a cast iron white porcelain enameled sink and any metal that rubs against it leaves a trail. Comet wouldn't touch it. BKF takes it right off and leaves no mark.

The stuff also cleans pots and pans to where they look like new and it takes very little effort to get them so clean.

The wife also uses salts, essential oils, etc in the bathtub. Most of the cleaning products I tried just smeared the residue around the tub. The liquid Bar Keeper's Friend did the trick though.

If that doesn't work, a Mr Clean Magic Eraser would also be another recommendation.

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