Removing bat soiled blown in attic insulation ??

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Removing bat soiled blown in attic insulation ??

So I bought this 2 story farm house built in 1900 and seen some bats in the attic.. I call a roofer and have em look at the ridge vent.. They tell me its in good shape---no worries.. Well this past summer at dusk I notice a full blown colony flying in and out.. I'm not talking a couple bats but hundreds... I had gable vents put in on each side and then ripped off the ridge vent...Waited for it to get dark and watched for hrs as they flew out and then took drop clothes over the ridge.. Placed some of those nets where they can fly out but not back in on either side of the roof for a few days then capped it with shingles.. So now I'm left with an attic( with a little access whole on the second floor and very cramped attic space) full of blown in insulation covered in bat crap and pee.. I want to remove the insulation, blast it with a coat of ext. primer and then re blow in some insulation.. My ? is do they rent some kinda huge shop vac or something with a longer and larger diameter hose to make cleaner and shorter work of this.. I don't want to make a career out of hanging out in a tyvec suit and respirator up there....Hope this is posted in the correct place if not let me know. Thanks
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Option 1: You could contact a septic pumping service. Their trucks are massive shop vac's. You're looking for a truck where the tank head opens and hopefully the tank dumps. A normal septic truck won't be able to do the job but there are trucks designed for sucking up solids and other debris, especially around cities where they are often used to clean rocks & sticks out of storm drains.

Option 2: Get a workshop dust collection vacuum and a lot of hose. Long sections can be made up of pvc drain pipe and only use the more expensive flex hose at the end where it's needed. It will take very frequent emptying so having a dumpster dropped on site would be a big help.

Option 3: Put on a cartridge respirator and get up there with a snow shovel and do it the hard way. The remaining bits can be removed with a shop vac.
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You might be able to higher someone with a vacuum tank truck, if your local tool rental doesn't have a vacuum big enough to do the job. Maybe call a local tool rental first.

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