Not sure what this is ..

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Not sure what this is ..

Hi guys, so I'm not sure what to do here. I bought this house in 2015 and I saw a little brown spot in the vasemyba by the wall and made no big deal... I thought it was nothing. Now 3 years later procrastination the brown mark has expanded. I don't know if this is just water damage or mold. I don't know who to contact or what to do! Please help me guys.

Here are pictures so you guys can assess it :
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Your link didn't work. How to insert images.
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The images are here:

My first thought is that something's leaking (roof or plumbing).
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It's water damage...which normally means mold...esp over that period of time and in your location. Likely you'll be opening up that wall. In the meantime, remove the baseboard (I guess thats what " vasemyba" in the original post meant.) and see what you can see. You can remove some small sections behind the baseboard and they can be covered up easily. That probably won't be all it needs though.
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That's a whole lot of water damage, needs to be addressed on the outside.
Please let us know your location and and add some pictures of the outside of the home in that area.
Could be lots of things, ice dams, siding too close to grade, deck or patio too close to the siding, not enough shingle overhang, plugged up gutters, deck or patio built even with the threshold of a door opening Ect.
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I bet it's mdf trim... its about like trim made of compressed recycled toilet paper... and just as absorbant. You might have water leaking under the wall. Is this in a basement?

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