Cleaning some rubbery stuff off of laminate flooring?


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Cleaning some rubbery stuff off of laminate flooring?

I have a cabin that used to be a rental. There are some rubbery strips of what looks like that stuff you would use for shelf liner and I have seen it as stuff for keeping rugs from slipping.

Problem is, the stuff is stuck to the floor. I am going to try and clean it off but thought I would as for some suggestions of what might be best to use to get it cleaned off. I am thinking something like Goof Off, or Goo Gone. And of course I will do some testing on spare pieces of floor before doing it to make sure it isn't going to eat away the finish.

Thanks for any input.
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Either will work. Or paint thinner.
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Keep lighter fluid in mind too. I use it everywhere to remove glues.

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