Clean bottom of toilet bowl?


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Clean bottom of toilet bowl?

any ideas would be appreciated for cleaning the gunk on bottom of toilet bowl (picture attached). Things Iíve tried so far with no success:
-blue bleach pod that goes in the tank
-clorox liquid toilet bowl cleaner (with brush)

after those didn't work, I drained the toilet bowl so there wasnít any water in it and tried:
-comet powder
-barkeepers friend
-scrubbing bubbles
-Brillo pad (possibly a bad idea, seems to have possibly made things worse?)

Whatís my next move? Thanks!
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Do you have any idea what the deposits are at the bottom?

If its mostly mineral buildup from the water evaporation out of the bowl I'd start with CLR and if that doesn't do it I'd try a dilute solution of muriatic (hydrochloric) acid.
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CLR works spotty. I've had the best luck with this exact Lysol product. Buy two. They're only $2 each. Pour one down the fill tube inside the tank and pour the other one directly into the bowl. Let them stand overnight.

Acids are also excellent cleaners but I damaged the coating on one of my toilets so care does need to be taken when using them.

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Urine is high in minerals and would be disolved with an acid based de-scaler like CLR or similar .
It is common with urinals to get plugged and de-scaling is how they are cleared.
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I wish you didn't use a cleanser such as Comet. You have permanently scratched the surface and will continuously have a buildup of deposits. The only cleanser that will not scratch is Bon-Ami. It's the only cleanser that Am Std, will allow to be used on their bathtubs and still warrant the finish. They even provide a coupon for purchase.

Buy a product that specifically labeled as a de-scaler.

check here:
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