Rusted Extension Pole

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Rusted Extension Pole

Greetings All:
I used my extension pole with a brush attached to clean my exterior vinyl siding this past October. Water got down into the pole and I tried to get it out by leaving it upside down, but it still rusted. The last section will seized and it takes a lot of effort to get it working again. Tried WD-40, but it did not help. Is there something else I can put on the rusted part of the pole to keep it from seizing? Attached is a picture of the problem area.

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Pretty hard to stop the rust from happening.
You'd need to use something that stayed in place.... like a light grease or maybe even Vaseline.
WD-40 would just be washed out by the water.
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I have some silicone grease left over from a toilet repair. It looks like Vaseline & it is designed for water use. Would that work?
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Are you saying its stuck and you can't get it fully extended? Or the problem is the rusty spot in the photo? If its just the one spot, just clean it up with a green scotch brite pad or steel wool until it shines. Then either spray paint it or keep it greased up.

But if it's siezed, you probably need to put a vise grips on each end (not in the middle where it will crush it) and have a friend help you work it back and forth, pulling it apart to extend it. Keep after it with wd-40 or pb blaster until you get it free. Once you can fully extend it, keep spraying and use the scotchbrite pad to clean any rust off that you expose.

Rust expands, so that's why its tight and won't move easily.
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You might want to get a different pole. Mine is aluminum so... no rusting. 20 years of use and it still works great.

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