Would cleaning vinegar work to shine polished aluminum (motorcycle struts)

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Would cleaning vinegar work to shine polished aluminum (motorcycle struts)

I have polished aluminum motorcycle struts that are impossible to get to shine. The only thing that will loosen the dirt is master formula BUT the loosened dirt just smears around the struts and takes many cloths to get off and even then not completely.
Whenever I have corroded electrical parts I soak them in cleaning vinegar overnight so the crusty stuff comes off and they can make clean contact but I also noticed they shine after the soaking.
If the cleaning vinegar isn't going to be too harsh and damage the polished aluminum I'm willing to take off the struts and let them soak
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I would not. If the parts are polished that means there isn't even anodizing to protect the metal. Pure aluminum is pretty resistant to acetic acid but without knowing the alloy of your parts I wouldn't risk it just for cleaning. Or, I'd use it for cleaning (short contact time) but not soaking for hours.
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I've used Noxon metal polish for years. You may want to give that a try.
Noxon polish

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