Stainless Steel Large Cat Litter Box is damaged

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Stainless Steel Large Cat Litter Box is damaged

I ordered the Stainless Steel Large Cat Litter Box, Non-Stick but I see damage on the side of the cat litter box. How do I remove the dint?

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Since it's new the easiest option would be to return it for an undamaged one. If you paid for new, 1st quality that is what you want.

If you want to fix it it will be difficult to get it perfect. I would get a shot/sand bag which is a heavy canvas or leather bag filled with coarse sand or lead shot. Then you press the dented corner into the shot bag to provide support for the pan. You can also do this outside by sticking the dented corner onto the ground. Then use the rounded head of a ball peen hammer to carefully hammer out the dent. The metal has been stretched so it will be difficult to completely remove the dent but you can get most of it out pretty easily.

There will be some crease marks remaining. If you get to a point where you don't seem to be making progress stop. Over working the area trying to make it perfect can make it worse.
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Pretty much like they take dents out of cars, with hammers and dollies. But I will assume that you, like many have neither so some improvising is needed.

Most any hammer will do, something with a slightly rounded surface is best as noted a ball peen would work, the dolly is used to back up the blows and can be anything heavy, like a small sledge hammer, a block of wood, or even the garage floor.

Just be aware you can tap out the dent but it's still going to be obvious, that is why work on your car body is then followed up with body fillers and paint!
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I agree. Since its not that big of a dent to cause an issue with its intended use, its likely that your concern is cosmetic. You may get the bulk of it hammered back out to mostly a convex state but, its always going to look ragged, uneven.... bent up, dented or pitted. I'm not being critical, but if the dent in its current state is not satisfactory for your liking, because of appearance, you're likely not ever going get it where is looks even remotely decent. Its honestly probably looking as good as it ever will, without professional tools, equipment and expertise.

I agree with PD in that personally, I'd send it back for a replacement, if it was a concern.
In that aspect, is the box banged up where the dent is? If so, I might go back on the shipper. UPS, Fed-ex etc. If the box isn't bent up, I'd contact the vendor you bought it from.
Amazon is kinda like Wal-Mart. They don't ask a lot of questions. If it ain't right, they'll usually replace the item or refund your money, depending. This is especially true with their Prime Member account. You can do that right from the website. You don't even have to box it up. Fill out the return form, they'll provide you with a shipping label to print, tell you where to take it & they'll pay for it to be re-boxed & shipped. Its pretty easy with them.

Again, this is your choice & I respect that. If you just want to get the biggest part of the dent out. PD gave good advice.

Edit: Marq's advise is spot on as well.
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If this is new and you received it this way, is there a reason you don't want to ask for a replacement? They often won't even want the damaged one back since it wouldn't be worth it to pay return shipping.
Otherwise, the damage looks pretty small. I'd just leave it be if I decided to keep it.

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