Candle wax on carpet

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What is best method for removing candle wax from carpet?
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Hi Georgia,

Candle wax seems to be a real problem with folks right now. The wax isn't so bad it's the stains they leave behind that can be a real menace.

Ok, grab an ice cube and rub over the candle wax and freeze it. Use the dull side of a knife and scrape off a little at a time. Don't try to take off too much or you'll leave fuzz spots on your carpet. So remove a little, ice a little etc.

Now to finish, take a white terry towel (a colored towel will transfer the color to the carpet)place that over the remaining wax. Set your iron to low heat. For only three seconds at a time put the iron down on the towel. You can use the steam setting and without letting the iron touch the towel "steam the spot first to begin heating it, then turn the iron to low and set it down.

The iron melts the remaining wax and the towel absorbs it. You must take care not to leave the iron on your carpet too long or it will scorch the carpet.

If the candle has left a stain from the dye in the wax this is what to try. Take some hydrogen peroxide and mix 50/50 with water. Pour that on the stain and let it set about 5 minutes. Remember peroxide is a bleach, so you might bleach the color out of the carpet. Test a hidden spot first.

If the peroxide doesn't remove the stain after about 5 minutes, it's probably permanent. Rinse the spot thoroughly with vinegar and water 1/2 cup per Qt of water.

Georgia, I've spent 12 years cleaning homes and I'm sending out free cleaning hints to anyone who wants them. Email me at

Also email me if you have any more problems with the wax. I'm always happy to help.

Happy new year,
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Vinegar is a mild acetic acid, and acids will damage nylon [put some nylon in a strong acid and see what happens]. Vinegar is probably not strong enough to hurt nylon carpet short term...just use caution
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Smile Iron

place a paper towel over the wax and apply iron until melted and the paper towel absorbs the wax ...

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Although warm iron and paper method are frequently recommended for wax removal, wax in carpet may be driven deeper into fibers and heat may set colored dyes.

Scrape away excess wax with dull knife or spoon and vacuum. Blot wax residue with rubbing alcohol, denatured alcohol, or dry cleaning fluid and white rag. Blot from outside toward middle to prevent spreading wax. Always test any DIY cleaner in inconspicuous place first for ill effects.
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I don't know if it the best method but this works-

Get a brown paper sack
Heat your iron w/water in it(steam)
Put sack over wax, iron out.
The heat from the iron will melt the wax and the paper will absorb the oils from the wax therefore removing it from you carpet!

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