Cleaning a steam iron?

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I have black stuff on the plate of both my irons. On my newer iron it's just starting (I think it might have rubbed on the carpet or something). They are both steam irons but I don't use any steam. I don't know what do use to get it off. I tried nail polish remover on my old one (it's about shot anyway) since it works on a lot of things -- didn't work on this. Anybody have any great ideas?
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Whatever the "stuff" is on the bottom of your iorn, it sounds like the substance has melted and attached itself to the plate.

You can try either 000 steel wool or 180 grit sand paper to remove it. If you use steel wool, make sure you thoroughly clean the plate before you use it on clothes. No sense in transferring iron bits to your clothes.

Might I suggest that the next iron you purchase have a teflon plate. These don't pick up "black stuff" unless you really try to mess them up.

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cleaning a steam iron

I was so excited to realize I could actually help someone with a problem instead of always looking for answers myself!! I have been using a product for years and years called Faultless Hot-Iron Cleaner. You wait until your iron is hot, squeeze some of the product on an old rag, and iron the black stuff away. It works like a charm. I even used it on my friend's iron that he was about to throw away because it was totally encrusted with the black stuff. I generally find the Faultless at Walmart. Some grocery stores have it as well.
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Cleaning iron sole plate

There are many commercial sole plate cleaners available. These can be found in cleaning aisles at grocery stores, home centers, and hardwares.
It is always best to follow manufacturer's instructions for cleaning iron. Do not use abrasive cleaners or pads on the sole plate of your iron. If recommended, use a hot iron cleaner and a thick clean cloth to keep the sole plate clean. Use cotton swabs to clean the steam vents and outer rim of the sole plate. Use rubbing alcohol or denatured alcohol to remove stubborn spots and the resins that may be left behind. If necessary, #0000 super fine steel wool may come in handy. Baking soda & water paste also makes for an excellent mild abrasive for cleaning sole plates.

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