Phone wiring with two lines

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Question Phone wiring with two lines

I had two phone lines (different phone numbers) coming into the house and everything was hunky-dory. When my phone company called and offered DSL service at a rate I couldn't refuse, I accepted their offer and cancelled the second phone number and tried to get the computer up and running on DSL service on the main phone number. That's where I went wrong.

The connections were: (R)ed - (G)reen - (Y)ellow - (B)lack.
The two lines into the house both had the four colored wires encased. The two greens were twisted together and the two reds were twisted together.

When I untwisted the two separate lines and had the phone that was the phone number to be deleted working on the number we were keeping then the two other phones on the first floor of the house stopped working. The phone upstairs still works, though.

HELP PLEASE so I don't have to pay $125 for a service call. Two phones work and two phones don't (all with the same phone number). I'm sure there's some sort of series wiring that I messed up.

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Check here for help.

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It sounds to me like the two reds and greens that were twisted together were for your phone jacks inside the house (1 phone number). I only say that because if you twist two phone lines (two numbers) together you will cause both of them not to work or you would get double dial tone depending on how it was done. So, the wires you untwisted were actually wiring to your jacks not the telephone lines themselves. Unless they actually wired the black/yellow wires inside your phone jacks. To check that open one of the telephone jacks that don't work. Look at the where the wires from inside the wall are wired down. The phone jack itself has wires on it and you should see that the color of the wires on the jack itself are Red, Green, Black and Yellow. See that someone didn't use the Black and Yellow coming out of the wall and wiring to the Red and Green on the jack itself. See, the Red and Green wires are used for the main line in a jack. If someone uses that jack for two telephone numbers in the same jack and has a two line phone they will generally hook up all four wires. Otherwise, to use a second phone number for a single line phone they would wire the second phone number in the Red and Green terminals in place of the first phone number. I know it sounds confusing. Bottom line is if you check to see that the inside of the jack is wired correctly and the wires that you untwisted are reconnected it should work. If not, then you have something else going on. You may just have to check each jack one at a time all the way out to your telephone box outside.
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2 phone lines

Traditionally, the red/green is providing dialtone for your main number, black/yellow was probably used for your 2nd number. Phonetek was right, check how your jacks were wired. They should all be wired on the red/green. Your jack cover has the same 4 wires, but if it's a single line jack, the red/green wires in the cover will provide service.
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I got it working -- THANKS

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