Call wating

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Call wating

I just changed phone service and I do have the call wating feature. I can't get it to work. I here the beep tone that lets me know I have another call coming in But when I hit the flash button i get a dial tone. If i hit the flas button again i can go back to the first caller. The only way i can pick up the secon caller is to hang up the phone and let it ring. It seams to be working like Im doing a 3 way call.
I have called the phone company and they said everything should work. I have called the a few times and once they told me that the phone package I have ( centrex 21 ) I have to dial like 3 numbers then hit flash to make it work. I didnt even write down what they told me that time becouse it was such a pain to do. Now when i call back to the phone company they think Im crazy when i tell them about the 3 digit code thing.
So is there any one out there that knows how to make this work. By the way its a business Line
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is it the system?

One computer is not talking to the other computer, centrex & phone co. Contact centrex, since the phone company can't help.
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I have seen this before. It can be a few things that are causing it. It can be in the translations of your phone lines (they have it built wrong in the switch) because it isn't seeing your flash correctly. If you have Centrex you have to dial 9 to get an outside line. Even though when you normally pick up your phone you have dial tone
you cannot dial straight out before you dial the 9 because the dial tone you hear when you first pick up the phone is from your PBX. (phone system) So, when you flash hook you may be getting the dial tone from your PBX not the phone company at that time. When you hang up it is a more positive disconnect as opposed to a quick flash. There is a setting that can be changed by your PBX vendor, the exact parameter escapes me but it has to do with disconnect delay or something to that affect. The setting I am talking about is usually at a default rate of 600 milliseconds. Have the vendor try lowering it and it should work out for you. To avoid all possible finger pointing between the vendor and the telephone company make sure you request a vendor meet! I know the whole finger pointing thing is a common thing, nobody wants to take the blame and always point it at the other guy. Usually you can waste up to a week or more doing this and the only one that suffers is you the customer. You will have to do the foot work to coordinate the vendor meet between your vendor and the telephone company but do not take no for an answer and make sure they both know the exact time and date to be there! Let me know how it works out.

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