Adding additional phone lines


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Adding additional phone lines

I'm in the process of building new home-framed, no sheetrock yet. Builder is supplying 2 phone lines-1 Kitchen,1 MBR. Wire from kitchen is run to the wire box in MBR and the wire going to the outside is also run to the box in MBR. I am wanting to add phone lines to other rooms in house. What is the best way to connect all lines to the main wire from the telephone company. There will be 4 additional lines added.
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My $.02 worth: Run all lines directly to the phone co. interface box. I can tell you from experience in troubleshooting wires in an existing home situation (which your new-build will become), it's a lot easier if you know EXACTLY where all the phone lines run. Ten years from now are you going to remember that phone A runs to phone B that goes to the interface and phone C goes direct to the interface and phone D goes to A and to B before going to the interface? Also, if you ever use them for data (modem), direct to the box would be best.
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I've always advised against daisy chaining. It's a nightmare to troubleshoot, and you end up taking off 10 covers until you figure out why it's not working. Running a separate line straight to the Telco box is pretty cheap. If you can, run Cat5 wire instead of the cheap telephone wire. Sure, the covers will be a bit more expensive (it's pretty difficult to use a screw connection on a Cat5 wire ), but you can have 4 lines anywhere in the house with Cat5.
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Since this is a new build this is the time to do what you want and plan ahead. Run as many phone cables as you can to every room. Another words, put phone jacks on every wall of you living room for example. Right now you may not picture how your furniture will go but if you install a jack for each wall you know no matter how you set up your living room you wont have cables laying all over the place to hook up your phone to. It's much easier to do this before the insulation and drywall are in place, trust me!
There is no such thing as too many phone jacks. Your not going to put phones in every jack all at the same time. At least unless you like being blown out of your house when the phone rings.
As far as a point of connecting them all. I recommend a 66 block or aslo called an RJ21X block. You can buy the punch down tool to hook up the wires at your local radio shack. Now, when you run all the wires be sure to label each one with some sort of tag. You can use something from a P-touch, Flag tags (which are like a cable tie with a place to write on) or even use a thin Sharpie per marker. This may sound like overkill but it can sure help in the future if you ever have problems.
As previously suggested, USE QUALITY WIRE!! Refer to "Phone Phact #6 (choosing wire)" for further assistance.
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