fax/phone line?


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fax/phone line?

Can I share a phone line with a fax machine and have it automatically recognize faxes and receive them? Theres also a digital answering machine after 2 rings, so if someone were to fax me after i was closed and had the answering machine on, would the fax still be able to "pick UP?" I dont have a fax yet, but am looking into getting it. I do have 4 wire runs to each of two outlets. ( seperate runs to each jack from outside network box) so i could get a second line just for fax, but my local phoneco charges $60 a month for business lines. Ouch. Trying to keep my costs low. Thanks for ideas-Josh
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Whether or not you can do it with separate machines is not so clear.
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You have a few options. First you could set the fax to pick up after several rings so during the day it won't pick up before you do. Second, I know that there is a feature out there I'm not sure if it is a switch feature or a voice mail feature but it will say "If you want to leave a voice message press 1" or "If you would like to fax press 2." I have heard that when I have called people but I do not know how the fax knows to press 2? Also, and I'm not sure how well this works but you could have them give you the distinctive ring feature which will make a different ringing sound when a fax is coming in that way you know not to pick it up. Also I have seen a thing on TV and I can't remember the name of it but it was an infomercial. It is a separator of some sort and again I have no idea how it works or if it works but you are supposed to be able to share your phone line with voice, modem and fax all at the same time and not miss a call. I don't know how much faith I would put into something I seen on TV but heck it's probably $19.95 like everything else so that would be a cheap lesson learned if it didn't work or a cheap solution if it does. Other than that I can't think of anything else aside from getting another line. To answer your question about what will answer first, your answering machine or your fax. It depends on how many rings they are both set to before they answer. If set the same you may get a lot of fax tones as messages on your answering machine but I have never tried to do it personally. Hope this helps! Good Luck!
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Most decent Fax machines will have a built-in answering machine also, and will be able to "listen" to the line for the characteristic "fax" tone. It it will hear it will pick up the line.

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