Nortel M7310 p[rogramming


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Nortel M7310 p[rogramming

I have been designated the company phone guru (I know PC's, how hard could this be? Hard!) and have no clue what I am up to.
We have a Nortel system, and one of our users at extension 233 is going to be switching to a guest mailbox that no longer has a handset in the office.
A new user, who will be using the extension number 242 will be taking over that handset.
I tried a number of things that really have not worked, and am not sure how I even did them, but I think I have gotten extension 233 back to the way it was before I began.
Do I need to change wiring to accomplish this?
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Since the user of extension 233 will no longer use that handset and it will be just a mail box if you unplug the set the system won't notice that. There should be nothing you need to change in the software to make it forward to voicemail except maybe to adjust the amount of rings before it forwards. There is no wiring that needs to be done to 233 either. For 242 you may have to adjust the extension number on the display (if it has one) so it reads the correct extension number. As for the wiring you just need to make sure it has a jack to plug into that goes all the way back to the system itself. Unfortunately this is one of those where it would be better if I was standing there looking at it to be able to have more answers for you. If you are talking about a Nortel Meridian system first of all I would like to say it's a fine phone system. It's very popular, very reliable and very versatile. If you need help with the system you can do several things. More than likely whoever installed it has some sort of sticker on it of who to call in case of a problem. Second, you can call Nortel. Their number is either in the manual that came with the system or inside one of the covers. Otherwise, there are third party vendors that do maintain those systems and if it is a Meridian it shouldn't be had to find someone who specialize in them. If you don't have any documentation on the system, check Ebay. You can get the systems, handsets and documentation for a pretty good deal on there. Hope it works out!
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The system you are referring to is a Meridian Norstar system. Unfortunately, I dont know what system version nor software version you are on, but having just 3 digits tells me it could be mid size. Once you login on a 7310 or 7324 model, you should be able to reprogram ext 233 to be 242 in CONFIGURATION and then to go 5. SYSTEM DATA. The only problem is just what Phonetek said, not being there it is pretty hard to know what needs to be done. Where is this voicemail box? Is it a Meridian Startalk system, or is it a mailbox outside the system and being supplied by the local phone company (Verizon here)? Way too many variables for the calls to be picked up.

One thing I can say for you try, is ask if there are other numbers that are "guest mailboxes" and copy one of them. Changing the number from 233 to 242 is really the easiest part.

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