Need help with new jack installation.

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Need help with new jack installation.

I'm finishing my basement. I want to install 2 new phone jacks in the basement. I can see a phone wire going from the network interface box outside the house, through the basement ceiling and to the upper floors. This phone line already has 4 phones connnected to it. All of the phones in the house including the two to be installed in the basement will have the same phone number. Now for the two phone jacks that I will mount in the basement, can I connect them to the phone wire running through the basement to the upper floor? Or should I run a new wire from the interface box to the two new jacks?
Is it true that you cannot have more than 5 phones connected to a phone line? What happen if more than 5 phones connected to it?
Thanks in advance.
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It would probably be better if you ran a new line from the interface box.
It's not really the number of phones on the line, but their "ring" number. If you go above the max value (which I believe is 5), then the phones may not ring.
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I think the days of how many phones you have attached to one line is more less a thing of the past. I will check on that but these days the phones don't have bells in them anymore which would draw lots of power to make them ring. I personally have 11 phones on my main line and they ring just fine. All of which have that digital sounding ring in them. When my phone rings you sure can hear it as do the people who live next door to me since I have two phones in my garage. I never actually payed any attention to the voltage drop when they ring. I will disconnect all but one phone then plug in all of them and see if there is a difference.
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Yeah, I agree with Phonetek here. Especially when you're talking about cordless phones (which most people have mostly cordless now.) Cordless doesn't draw any from the phone line itself for ring, it's all drawn from the battery in the phone. And especially since there are no moving parts (like the bells) I don't really think it's an issue. Besides, even if you run separate phone lines, you're still drawing from the same source, wouldn't make a difference in this situation. However, trouble-shooting in the long run will be easier with separate lines. Just a matter of preference really.
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i agree, these days you can have an unlimited amount of phones on a single phone line, however, i would be very careful about how many "cordless" phones you have in any household, regardless of how many phone numbers you have. different brands and types of cordless phones can interfere with each other, also, baby monitors, microwaves, wireless intercoms, wireless doorbells, wireless jacks and various electronics within the same house hold can interfere with cordless phones.

as far as whether or not to tap in to the existing wiring or run a new piece from the network interface (also known as a home run) my choice is "always" to run a new piece of wire if the option exists. just save tons of heartburn in troubleshooting should something go wrong in the future.

hope that helps!!

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