Phone lines in


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Phone lines in

My trouble is that I can call out on my phone but cannot get incoming calls. The phones just ding once and the caller gets
cut off and gets a cracking sound. All of the phones in my house
do the same thing. I have tried different phones in other jacks but still the same thing. I plugged a phone intop the test jack in
the box on the outside of my house and the phone works ok so
it seems as though the trouble is in the wiring but, I tried hooking a new wire and jack directly to the box and ran the wire only about 2 feet away and I have the same trouble as described. Is the problem in my wiring or with the phone company?
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sounds like you have a short inside the house. When you ran the new "2 ft. jack" did you disconnect the rest of the wiring? If not, then the problem wouldn't go away. If you have a multimetetr you could try to isolate the problem by checking the resistance across each wire. Between tip and ring (green and red) you should see greater resistance than 500K ohms. Another thing you could try is, if you have a cell phone, call the house...but each time you do pull another pair of wires off your connection at your interface (or wherever a majority of your connections are) and when the phone finally rings more than once the last wire disconnected is the one with the trouble. Then you may further isolate the trouble. You may also check with your service provider to see if you have any wire protection plan that would cover the repair of your problem for free. Hope I could be of some help.

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Thanks Steve, When I first tried the 2 ft. wire I didn't disconnect the other wires. I did as you suggested and pinpointed the problem as a short in a wire. Thanks again


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