A Helpful Hint - Concerning Shorts


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A Helpful Hint - Concerning Shorts

The other day and I know why, my phone line experienced a "surge"; Originally, I had no dialtone inside the house, so I rewired from the interface and this got me a dialtone. I was able to make outgoing calls, but soon thereafter, I discovered that I had a short somewhere because incoming callers heard a single ring, followed by buzzing and clicking, while I got nothing in the house.

I double checked my connections, tried several different configurations and after quite a bit of perplexing, I discovered that the problem was really with one actual phone (cordless) and that my corded phones worked just fine. I was about ready to call the cordless a loss, when I decided to actually look at the phone's cord and wouldn't you know it, obviously a short had occured in that particular cord.

I spent the better part of two hours trying to find the short and was about ready to ditch a fairly high-dollar cordless, when all I needed to do was replace the cord.

All wasn't for naught, though. Because I didn't have a dialtone and then I got one and I actually needed to rewire/wire the system in our newly-purchased home because afterall, if I had done so from the start, I wouldn't have experienced the surge in the first place.

But here's my helpful hint; If all else fails and before you ditch a phone, replace the fifty-cent cord that attaches it to the jack; It just may do the trick.
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yeah, I find that in a lot of places that I go to. The phone has been dragged across the house thousands of times, the customer has tried to repair a broken cord themselves, or an animal has chewed on the cord. It is a very good idea to check the cord first if there is a problem on the inside of the house.
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I find that commonly phone cords get smashed by furniture or rolled over by office chairs frequently. Do it enough times then the outer jacketing on the cable gets torn exposing the copper. Add some wet shoes from rain or snow on the bare copper then hmmm.... all in the sudden you have no dial tone. Happens way more often than you would think!
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My problem was that when we bought the house a couple of months ago, the previous owners had taken the easy route of running the line essentially the width of the cement block wall, directly behind the interface. It also looked like someone had literally ripped the old-fashioned jack and some of its anchors off of the wall, possibly during the pre-sale painting. Basically, there wasn't enough wire to do anythng with and because of their shortcut, the wires/jack were about four and a half feet off of the floor.

I'm planning to rewire the place completely, bury the incoming line, move the interface to another wall and define a central distribution site; I didn't particularly want to drill any new holes through the wall until I got things mapped, planned and moved and since this is a desert, I simply plugged a modular line into the interface, got it into the house through the sliding glass door and divvied it up, a little. Initially, I ran this line using a six-foot joined to a twenty because my fifties were all in storage and once I got all of my phone/networking stuff to the house, I never changed the cord. Every time it rained, I checked that the junction was up on the ledge and covered, but my wife didn't know to do that and on the day of the surge, the junction was on the ground sitting in a puddle of water when she picked-up the phone.

When I got up, I immediately took out the joined lines and replaced them with a fifty; I'm still not sure why that didn't give me a dialtone; But because I was plugged into the phone company side of the interface, I naturally decided to wire-in a proper jack, complete with a new hole in the wall in anticipation of needing to call the phone company and I wanted it to look like things had been right all along, hoping to avoid the fee for a service call.

Once I had the jack installed, I got my dialtone and thought things were hunky-doory until I got an email alerting me to the short; That's when the above scenario took place and what doubly confuses me as to why I didn't get a dialtone when I initially replaced the rig with a fifty is that I'm using that same fifty to get a line over to this computer, because I don't particularly want a jack in this temporary location and I guess I'm too lazy to cut the cord to fit and crimp on one of those connectors, even though I've got dozens of connectors and the proper tool for putting it onto the end of the cut cord.

I experienced a short because I'm lazy and though I actually have wired-in a proper jack, I'm still too lazy to cut the cord; I've got yards of phone cable, dozens of phone cords, connectors, and jacks along with all the proper tools. The only thing I can offer in my own defense is that I plan to put one or two jacks in every room, bringing them up from under the floor. I still haven't buried the incoming line, nor have I gotten the interface moved; I did drill a single hole in the wall, but my problems were entirely my own fault and I can accept that.
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I know how you feel. It seems that frequently I am more willing to go rewire a friends or family members house rather than doing anything in mine. I started running network cables and jacks throughout my house and got really ambitious about it. I got half way through it and ended up setting up a wireless network instead. Its just being lazy and taking shortcuts I guess. My own house could be falling apart but for some reason I don't have the same enthusiasm that I have when it is someone elses place. Maybe it is because they are footing the bill?

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